For a change, there are more similarities than differences between the Presidential candidates on climate change policy. Both candidates embrace the necessity of a coherent international and national response to global warming based upon a variety of approaches to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

A quick review of each candidate’s web site on climate change issues reveals proposed programs that are more alike than not. Many of the differences are more stylistic appeals to different audiences than they are real substantive differences.

For instance, John McCain’s site is more crisp and business-like in its presentation, avoiding the more emotionally laden language that the Campaign reserves for other issues that resonate more passionately with the Republican base and independent minded voters.

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10/6/2008 6:53:22 AM #

Great article John. There is indeed a clear distinction between the two parties and approaches and it would be nice if we could hear more of these real specifics in debate - hopefully tomorrow. Its great to see this comparison on paper because we don't see much of it in the press. Thanks for putting it together.

Henry Sneath United States

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